Dedicated & Professional Account Managers



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    From design development through pattern making and grading to prototyping and sampling, WITHUS COMPANY provides all the services our customers need to get their garment designs to the production stage. With an extensive network of fabric and accessories suppliers, we can even source and supply all required materials. Our partner factories can handle bulk production quantities ranging from small one-off orders to mass production with recurring orders.

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    Dedicated & Professional Account Managers
    WITHUS COMPANY assigns at least one fully dedicated account manager to each customer, ensuring a reliable, prompt and competent service. Our customers only need to interact with a single person responsible for all communication.

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    Independent Quality Control And Assurance
    At WITHUS COMPANY, our extensive network of experienced technicians and independent quality controllers ensures the highest quality standards while maintaining tight delivery schedules. From initial fabric inspection through workmanship monitoring on the production line to final garment inspection before shipping, our dedicated quality controllers closely follow every step in the production process.

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    Social and Environmental Responsibility
    At WITHUS COMPANY, we believe strongly in both environmental and social responsibility. Our fabric and accessories suppliers are required to adhere to the strictest environmental protection guidelines, while our partner factories are open to inspection by any customer, to ensure compliance with all their social and environmental responsibility policies.


  • Experience & Expertise

    From early development to bulk production, Withus Company has the experience and expertise to handle your needs.

  • One Stop - Full Service

    From pattern making and grading to prototyping and sampling, Withus Company provides all the services you need.

  • Quality Assurance

    Delivering outstanding quality products is our objective at Withus Company. We understand the different quality standards and requirements of our buyers. The Quality Assurance department constantly listens to customers with a view of exceeding their expectations and finding areas for improvement. We have an excellent in-house inspection facility to scrutinize and sustain necessary quality standards in each manufacturing process.


Embroidery & Embellishment

Licensed Sports League jerseys require heavy loads of embroidery as a major component in the body. Mascots, names, numbers are using combinations of embroidery and applique.


WITHUS COMPANY Factory in Vietnam is fully equipped with the latest printing machines and is able to provide. Digital Printing Sublimation Printing, 4-Color (CMYK) Process , Plastisol/ Non-PVC Plastisol ETC.

Customer Oriented

Childrenswear and life style clothes often require heavy embellishments from printing graphics to hand stitching jewels. We offer a wide range of glitter prints, foil, flocking, applique, embroidery, laces etc.